We Adore Him is packed with powerful tools to give adorers and adoration coordinators the best possible experience.

  • Adoration Scheduling

    Parishioners can see which hours are most in need of adorers and can easily make an adoration commitment from their phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Automated Substitute Finder

    Adorers can easily request a substitute—without involving an adoration coordinator. Our smart substitution finder automatically contacts substitutes one at a time until it finds a substitute.

  • Attendance Tracking

    Committed adorers and visiting guests can check in from the adoration entrance by simply tapping their name on a tablet screen or their mobile device.

  • Adoration Check-In Kiosk

    Hands down, the easiest way for adorers to check in to adoration, and for administrators to have instant real-time attendance records, is with our Adoration Check-In Kiosk.

  • Adoration Phone Number

    A fully-automated "adoration line" with texting and calling superpowers! It does so much—so you don't have to.

  • Adoration Email Address

    A special email address for your adoration program that protects your administrator email addresses.

  • Smart Notifications

    Adorers receive adoration commitment reminders and substitution requests in the way they want: text message, phone call, or email.

  • Sleepy Phone Notifications

    Adorers receive text messages and phone calls during daytime hours (unless they want an overnight reminder).

  • Online Donations

    Adorers can easily make a recurring monthly donation on their dashboard to help subsidize the costs of running the adoration program, including We Adore Him.

  • English and Spanish

    If an adorer's language preference is Español, everything is in their native language: text messages, phone calls, emails, QR codes, the website, and the kiosk.

  • Editable Calendar

    Bad weather? Easter Triduum? Quickly close adoration when needed and keep everyone informed.

  • Message Adorers

    Need to change the chapel access code or alert adorers of a snow closing? Broadcast custom messages to segments of adorers in their preferred method of notification.

  • Import Adorers and Commitments

    Bring your data from another system and get up and running in no time.

  • Secure and Private

    Data is protected with industry best practices. Adorer personal information is secure and customizable with administrator privacy settings.

  • Works on Any Device

    There's no bulky software to download. It simply works on any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Staggered-Start Mode

    Built-in support for a clever method of organizing two adorers per hour, with start times every 30 minutes.

  • Multiple Commitment Frequencies

    Enable additional frequencies that your adorers may choose when making commitments, like one-time, daily, biweekly, and monthly.

  • Access Codes

    Communicate global or per-adorer access codes with your adorers.

  • Onboarding Mode

    Test everything to ensure it's perfect, then switch to Live Mode when you're ready for We Adore Him to start working behind the scenes for you.

  • Intersecting Commitment Contact Sharing

    Adorers can view which adorers have adoration commitments 1 hour before, during, and 1 hour after their own commitments.

  • Hourly Captains

    Share administrative responsibilities with your adoration team via the powerful Captain role.

  • Commitment Reminders

    Help adorers remember to keep their commitments with a customizable notification.

  • Live-Updating Schedule

    Keep the schedule page open to monitor who is at adoration, who just left, and who should arrive next.

  • Parish Field

    Attract adorers from neighboring parishes and keep track of which parish everyone belongs to.

  • Adorer Directory

    Enable the Directory page to help adorers find the contact information of other adorers.

  • Auto-Claim Substitute Requests

    Outstanding substitute requests are automatically claimed when a commitment is made having intersecting dates.

  • Insights

    Dive deep into understanding your adoration data with useful statistics and analytics.

  • Timeline View

    Easily spot gaps between past visits and upcoming commitments to ensure Jesus is never left alone.

  • No-Show Hours

    Easily spot hours where no scheduled adorers checked in to adoration—and get notified about them.

  • Embed Widget

    Display a condensed view of your adoration schedule directly on your organization's website.

  • Paper Check-In Sheets

    Can't use our kiosk? Print a daily schedule with the names of your committed adorers for a 2nd-best attendance tracking solution.

  • QR Codes

    Attract adorers to make an adoration commitment by scanning a Signup QR Code in your bulletin.

  • Approval Workflow

    Vet new adorers by requiring an activation code on the signup form before they can create commitments, request substitutes, and view the chapel access code.

  • Min / Max Constraints

    Ensure your adoration hours are full (but not too full) by setting minimum and maximum adorers, globally or per hour.

  • Roster View

    Hourly Captains can easily find all adorers, substitutes, and commitments they are responsible for managing, and print a copy for offline use.

  • Substitute Availability

    Adorers can indicate if they'd like to be a substitute, and when they would like (or not like) to be invited to be a substitute.

  • Monthly Hours

    Adjust your schedule to open certain hours on a monthly basis for scenarios like First Fridays.

  • Gender Field

    Add extra security by marking overnight hours as needing a male adorer.

  • Printable Schedule

    Print and post a copy of your adoration schedule to share which hours are open, closed, and in need of more adorers.

  • Daylight Saving Time

    Perpetual adoration requires the delicate handling of one of life's most difficult realities—changing time.

  • Internal Notes Field

    Keep track of arbitrary information for each adorer and share it with members of your adoration team.

  • Adorer Ratings

    Use auto-calculated scoring to help you find the right adorer to call in a pinch, and identify potential problem spots in your schedule.

  • Expiring Commitments

    Accommodate the transient schedules of students and snowbirds by setting end dates on their commitments.

  • Address Book vCard

    Share your automated We Adore Him phone number with your adorers as an address book contact.

  • Welcome Email

    Communicate important adoration policies in the customizable welcome email.

  • Sitewide Message

    Communicate important adoration policies, closures, and points of contact at the top of every adorer-facing page on your We Adore Him website.

  • Transfer Phone Number

    Configure a phone number that adorers can reach when they need to speak with a human.

  • Urgent Hours

    Highlight the hours on your schedule most in need of adorers so that adorers sign up for these first.

  • Adorer Finder

    Harvest low-hanging fruit by onboarding guest visitors as committed adorers and substitutes.