How do I set the transfer phone number?

Every We Adore Him website includes an automated phone number to help with everyday tasks like requesting a substitute and responding to a substitute invitation.

But, when adorers need additional help, they want to speak with an adoration coordinator.

For this reason, we recommend using our Transfer Phone Number feature.

Enable this feature with the Transfer phone number field at Admin » Settings » Account.

With this feature enabled, the following changes occur:

  • When an adorer presses 0 on a phone call with the automated phone number, we transfer the call to the transfer phone number. The Caller ID will show the We Adore Him phone number.
  • When an adorer sends a text message that our automated system doesn't understand, our response includes the transfer phone number to inform the adorer who to call for additional help.
  • The transfer phone number appears on your Help page; however, you can disable this in the Show transfer phone number on Help page field.

Can We Disable This Feature?

Yes, you may disable this feature by leaving the setting empty.

We recommend a transfer phone number. At the very least, consider entering the parish's phone number.

What About Our Spanish-Speaking Adorers?

A separate phone number can be configured to connect Spanish-speaking adorers with a Spanish-speaking coordinator.

  • Visit Admin » Settings » Account.
  • Click the Spanish tab at the top-right of the page.
  • Enter a phone number in the Transfer phone number field.
  • Click Save.
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