How will adorers recognize our We Adore Him phone number?

Every We Adore Him website is assigned a unique and powerful phone number.

But until your adorers "add" it to their address book or contacts, they might not recognize the phone number and may ignore text messages and phone calls from this number.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you broadcast your We Adore Him phone number widely (and repeatedly) to your adorers until they add it to their phone's address book. You can find the phone number on your Help page.

Also, if an adorer sends a text message of VCARD to this phone number, the system will respond with a contact they can add to their phone. Super easy! Think of a vCard like an electronic business card.

Watch how it works:

Request a vCard to easily add the We Adore Him phone number to your address book

Broadcast This to Text-Messaging Adorers

  1. Visit Admin » Adorers.
  2. Filter the list of adorers to those whose notification preference is "Text message" by entering notify=text into the Search field. (Hidden feature!)
  3. Send a bulk message to these adorers asking them to add the phone number to their phone. Something like this:
    • Adoration chapel here. Please add this phone number to your contacts. Reply with VCARD to receive a contact you can add. Thank you!

When an adorer replies with VCARD, the system will automatically send them the vCard (as described above).

If adorers reply with something other than exactly VCARD, the system won't recognize it. Thankfully, you can monitor these responses at Admin » Text messages. Learn more.

What About Caller ID?

Unfortunately, we cannot assign your phone number a Caller ID; this is a limitation of the CNAM Caller ID database—long story. Technology! 🤦

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