How do commitment reminder notifications work?

When an adorer makes an adoration commitment, they can optionally enable a notification to be sent before their adoration date. This notification can be sent via email (if they have an email address), text message, or phone call (if they have a phone number).

Commitment reminder notification

Default Reminder Settings

For new commitments, the reminder will default to three hours before the adoration commitment via the adorer's notification preference. However, if that notification would be sent outside of daytime hours, then it will default to the evening before, at 8 PM.

Default commitment reminder settings


A commitment reminder notification is sent for a given date when all of the following conditions are met:

  • The site is in Live Mode. Learn more.
  • Adoration is available and open on the schedule for that date. Learn more.
  • The adorer is responsible for that date. Learn more.
  • The commitment has a reminder notification enabled (see above).

Additional Considerations

A reminder is automatically enabled for one-time substitution commitments. Learn more.

In some cases, the commitment reminder notification will include instructions for how to request a substitute. Learn more.

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