Improvements to Intersecting Commitment Contact Sharing

Today we added some optimizations and improvements to the Intersecting Commitment Contact Sharing feature.

In case you're unfamiliar with this feature: When enabled, your adorers can click a view other adorers link on their dashboard to view the names and contact information of adorers having adoration commitments 1 hour before, during, and 1 hour after their adoration commitments.

We consider this a happy compromise between privacy and convenience.

Enable this feature at Admin » Settings » Miscellaneous.

Oh, and with it enabled, when an adorer requests a substitute on their Dashboard, we encourage them first to contact this list of other adorers with the hope that they'll find a substitute offline.

Okay, so what's new?

Well, for adorers, we tweaked things to make it more obvious which adorers have the same commitment as them, and which are before or after their commitment.

View other adorers with intersecting commitments

For administrators and captains, we added a handy feature. You can already assign a commitment date to another adorer. But if you first click Request Substitute on an adorer's dashboard, you'll find Assign shortcut buttons.

Administrators and captains can assign an adorer with an intersecting adoration commitment

Enjoy! 🎊