What is Onboarding mode and Live mode?

What is Onboarding mode and Live mode?

Your site is initially created in Onboarding mode. This is useful for that period of time where you're populating your We Adore Him site with adorers and adoration commitments and testing everything out.

In this mode:

  • Adorers can sign up and make adoration commitments, but automated commitment reminders are not sent.

  • Substitutes can be requested, but they are "paused" to prevent sending substitute invitation notifications. However, you can manually "start" a substitute request, for testing.

  • Visits are not automatically created from adoration commitments, and they won't appear in past dates on your Schedule page.

  • Administrators and captains aren't notified when another administrator or captain populates the schedule with adoration commitments.

When you are ready for adorers to fully use the software, switch your site to Live mode.

Switch your site to Live mode with the "Website status" field at Admin » Settings » General.

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