How do I post a sitewide message for all adorers to see?

How do I post a sitewide message for all adorers to see?

Sometimes you may want to post an important message that all adorers see when they visit your We Adore Him site, such as:

  • Instructions for how to sign up and make a commitment
  • Contact information for your adoration coordinator
  • Important hours that really need adorers to sign up
  • Notice of adoration chapel closures
  • A link to a page on your website with adoration protocol
  • Etc...

To accomplish this, visit Admin » Settings » General and enter text in the "Sitewide message" field.

Some things to note:

  • This message will appear at the top of your Schedule, Dashboard, Directory, and Help pages.

  • You can use the following HTML tags to format your text: <a> <strong> <em>

  • URLs and email addresses are automatically converted into links.

  • You can enter a Spanish translation for this field by clicking the "Spanish" tab and entering the translated text.

Important note: this is a public message, so don't enter any adorer-only, privileged information!

One more thing: there is a corresponding setting to display a custom message at the top of your Chapel Check-in Kiosk, which all adorers will see when they check in for adoration. Find this setting at Admin » Settings » Chapel in the "Custom message" field.

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