What is the cost to use We Adore Him?

What is the cost to use We Adore Him?

The cost to use We Adore Him for most U.S. parishes is:

  • $49 per month (subscription fee)
  • 1¢ per text message (usage fee)
  • 2¢ per phone call (usage fee)
  • Emails are free!

There are no setup fees, hidden fees, or long-term contracts. Learn more.

The usage fees help us offset our costs from the third-party phone companies we work with to offer you an automated We Adore Him phone number.

For regional pricing, see below.

How Billing Works

At the start of each month, we bill you for (a) the subscription fee for the current month plus (b) the usage fees for text messages and phone calls sent in the previous month.

We accept the following monthly payment methods.

  • Credit or debit card (processed automatically)
  • ACH (processed automatically)
  • Check (we send invoices by email, and you mail us checks)

At this time, we don't have an annual payment option.

If you already have We Adore Him, view your billing history for recommendations on how to save money.

Estimating Your Monthly Cost

Most U.S. parishes spend around $60 per month.

Example: If last month, you:

  • Sent 500 text messages ($5)
  • Received 100 text message responses ($1)
  • Placed 100 phone calls that lasted under a minute ($2)
  • Your bill for that month would be $57.00 ($49 monthly subscription fee + $8 usage fees)

Are you concerned about the price? No problem! Your cost to use We Adore Him can be entirely offset by turning on the Donations feature included at no additional charge. Learn how to receive donations.

Regional Pricing

  • United States
    • Subscription: $49 per month
    • Text messages: 1¢ per text message segment
    • Phone calls: 2¢ per phone call minute
    • Alaska: 9¢ per outbound phone call minute
  • Canada
    • Subscription: $49 per month
    • Text messages: 1¢ per text message segment
    • Phone calls: 2¢ per phone call minute
    • Yukon: 15¢ per outbound phone call minute
  • United Kingdom
    • Subscription: $49 per month
    • Text messages: 4¢ per outbound text message segment, 1¢ inbound
    • Phone calls: 3¢ per outbound phone call minute, 2¢ inbound
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