Can commitments have an end date?

Recurring adoration commitments are considered perpetual (e.g., weekly, monthly).

However, in some scenarios, adorers intend to make an adoration commitment until a particular date (e.g., the end of the semester).

To accomplish this, use the Expiring Commitments feature.

When creating or editing a commitment, adorers can select from a list of upcoming dates the last date they want to attend adoration.

Set the commitment end date

On the adorer's Dashboard, the commitment's last date is displayed.

This commitment has an end date

Expiring commitments appear on the Schedule page with a clock icon next to the adorer's name. In the hour popover, the last date is displayed.

Expiring commitment on the Schedule page

Administrators and captains can view a list of expiring commitments at Admin » Commitments. Enable the Perpetual filter and choose No.

View expiring (non-perpetual) adoration commitments

Two weeks before a commitment expires, administrators and captains are notified if they have the Commitment expires soon admin notification enabled on their account. A new adorer should then be found to fill the newly-developed gap in the adoration schedule.

When the commitment finally expires, the Commitment is expired admin notification is sent.

Enable the expiring commitment admin notifications
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