How does the Substitute Finder work?

How does the Substitute Finder work?

The Substitute Finder is one of the most powerful and useful features of We Adore Him. When an adorer needs a substitute for their adoration commitment, in most cases, the Substitute Finder will do all of the heavy lifting to send substitute invitations, find a substitute, and notify everyone involved when a substitute is found.

Here's how it works:

  1. An adorer requests a substitute. There are many ways to do this, including through the adorer's dashboard and in response to the commitment reminder notification. However, an adorer cannot request a substitute if there is not enough time for the automated system to do its job. You can configure the "Threshold to prevent requesting a substitute" setting, which defaults to 6 hours before the adoration date, at Admin » Settings » Substitutes.

  2. The new substitute request is started immediately, or queued until it gets closer to the adoration date. You can configure the "Threshold to auto-start a substitute request" setting, which defaults to 7 days before the adoration date, at Admin » Settings » Substitutes. The purpose for this setting is to wait to invite adorers to serve as a substitute until the adoration date is close enough that an adorer can quickly respond "yes" or "no". You can view the list of queued substitute requests at Admin » Substitute Requests, where you can manually start any substitute request, if desired.

  3. When the substitute request starts, the Substitute Finder assembles a list of all eligible substitutes. Only adorers who opt in as a substitute are included. For a specific adoration date, only adorers with the corresponding time period enabled on their account are included. If the hour requires a male adorer and no male adorer has yet signed up, the list is further filtered to only include male adorers. Also, the following adorers are never invited: blocked adorers, the adorer who requested the substitute, adorers already who already have an adoration commitment for the requested date, and adorers previously invited to this specific date who have not yet answered.

  4. The Substitute Finder then picks a random adorer from this list and sends them an invitation via email, text message, or phone call, depending on each adorer's "Notification method" field on their account. If the adorer doesn't answer right away, the next invitation is sent after a brief delay. You can configure the "Delay between substitute invitations" setting, which defaults to 15 minutes between invitations, at Admin » Settings » Substitutes. If an adorer declines an invitation, the next adorer is invited right away.

  5. When an adorer accepts a substitute invitation, the corresponding substitute request is marked as claimed, and a one-time substitution commitment is created on their behalf. The original adorer is notified that a substitute was found. Any adorers who never responded to their substitute invitations will be notified that a substitute is no longer needed.

All of this happens automatically in the background so that the fewest number of adorers necessary are invited for each substitute request, each of your adorers are invited in an unbiased way, and very little work is required from adoration coordinators.

In fact, an adoration coordinator will only need to be involved if: the system runs out of time to find a substitute; or all of the substitute adorers were invited and nobody accepted. The "Threshold for notifying admins" setting determines the number of hours before an adoration date starts that administrators are notified. This defaults to 3 hours before the adoration date and can be configured at Admin » Settings » Substitutes.

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