How do I print the schedule?

How do I print the schedule?

If you simply want to print this or next week's schedule, visit the Schedule page and use your browser's native Print function (Ctrl+P or Cmd+P). This will display a tidy view of your Schedule page with the names of the committed adorers.

If you are planning to use this as a way for adorers to check in, or to track attendance, please note that it does have some limitations.

  1. This method is not live-updating, which means that it will be outdated if anyone makes a new adoration commitment or finds a substitute.

  2. This method does not sync-up with your We Adore Him website, which means that you cannot easily track attendance or discover who checked in late.

  3. If you want to capture guest visits, you'll need to provide a separate sheet for guests to check in.

The best solution is to use our Adoration Check-in app which is very easy to use, always up-to-date, makes attendance tracking a breeze, allows guests to check in, and makes it very easy to see at-a-glance who making an adoration visit at any given moment.

Or, you can print the daily schedule for an easy paper method of tracking check-ins at Admin » Check-in Sheets. Learn more.

Also, at Admin » Roster, you can filter the list of commitments to particular days or times and then print that list for your reference. Learn more.

If you are looking for printable sign up sheets, we recommend these resources offered by the Missionaries of the Most Holy Eucharist.

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