How can I view a timeline of adoration coverage?

One essential goal in managing an adoration program is to ensure no gaps between visits. We want somebody always with Jesus!

The Admin » Timeline page can help you quickly find those gaps.

Timeline page

This page displays a snapshot of your adoration schedule with past visits, future commitments, and coverage gaps.

Scroll left to find attendance gaps, scroll right to see planning gaps, and use the Recenter button to reset the view to the current hour.

Timeline Colors

The timeline displays different colors for hours, visits, and commitments. Click the Legend button to learn what each color means.

Timeline page legend

Gap Calculations

We Adore Him calculates the gaps between visits based on the settings at Admin » Settings.

For the best experience, we recommend the Adoration Check-In Kiosk (with check-out enabled). This provides detailed information about when each adorer checks in and out, making the gap calculations accurate and reliable.

A gap exists because the scheduled adorers didn't check in to adoration.

Here's how we calculate gaps:

  • If the kiosk and check-out are enabled, then gaps appear where no visit exists that is checked in and out.
  • If the kiosk is enabled, but check-out is disabled, then gaps appear where no visit exists that is at least checked in.
  • If the kiosk is disabled, gaps appear where no scheduled visit exists.
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