What is the purpose of the "gender" field?

What is the purpose of the "gender" field?

We learn in Genesis chapter 5:

In the day that God created man, he made him to the likeness of God. He created them male and female; and blessed them...

And thanks be to God for that!

There are some practical reasons why administrators may want to know an adorer's gender.

Hours Needing a Male Adorer

Some chapels like to have at least one male adorer at each overnight hour (for extra security). Administrators can configure one or more hours on the Schedule page as needing a male adorer. Learn how to edit an hour.

Configure an hour to require at least one male adorer
Configure an hour to require at least one male adorer

If an hour needs a male adorer, then the number of adorers needed for that hour will consider whether or not any of the existing committed adorers for that hour are male. Also, the Substitute Finder will account for this when determining which substitutes are eligible to be invited for an hour.

For example, if you want a minimum of two adorers for Mondays at 1 AM, and one of those needs to be male, and two female adorers are signed up for that hour, then the Schedule page will show that hour as "1 needed".

Note: Only logged-in adorers can view which hours need male adorers. Learn more.

Adorers Are Color-Coded on the Schedule

On the Schedule page, you'll see each adorer's name in a color corresponding to the gender on their account. This is helpful for planning, especially for those overnight adorers, as described above. Learn more.

  • Green = Male adorer
  • Pink = Female adorer
  • Black = Unspecified gender

Note: Only admins and captains can view the gender-coded color of adorers. Learn more.

Making the Gender Field Optional

There are, of course, situations where an adorer's gender is unknown, unknowable, or not desired. For example:

  • For couples (e.g., "Jane & John Doe")
  • For groups or teams (e.g., "Knights of Columbus")
  • For adorers with privacy concerns revealing their gender
  • During the adorer import process, if an adorer's gender is unknown

To accommodate these scenarios, admins can configure the gender field to be optional.

Customize this setting with the "Require adorers to provide their gender" field at Admin » Settings » Onboarding.

When the gender field is not required, a third "Unspecified" option will be available on the adorer sign-up form.

The "Unspecified" gender option appears when the field is not required
The "Unspecified" gender option appears when the field is not required
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