How do I open adoration for a monthly schedule (like First Fridays)?

By default, your adoration schedule assumes open hours are open every week (e.g., "Every Friday at 9-10am").

However, if you need to adjust your schedule to open certain hours on a monthly basis, you can do that, too! Here's how.

Change a Single Hour

Edit the hour, change the general availability of this hour to Monthly, select a monthly option, and click Save.

Choose "Monthly" and select a monthly option

For example, if you choose Every 1st Friday at 9-10pm, this hour will be open on First Fridays and closed the remaining Fridays of the month.

Don't fret—you can easily override a specific date if you must close adoration due to circumstances.

Change Multiple Hours

Select the hours you want to edit and start bulk-editing them, choose All weeks, enable the Availability setting, select Open monthly, and select a frequency option. Preview which dates will be affected, and then click Save.

Configuring monthly adoration for multiple hours

These hours will be open monthly (e.g., every 1st Friday).

Monthly Commitments

Typically, when adorers make a new adoration commitment, their commitment frequency defaults to Weekly.

However, when an adorer clicks on a monthly hour on your schedule, their commitment frequency will default to Monthlyeven if the "Monthly" commitment frequency is disabled.

Making a new monthly adoration commitment

Considerations for Monthly + Overnight

Suppose you open adoration on First Fridays overflowing into the following Saturday. Be aware that not all First Fridays are followed by a First Saturday.

First Saturday doesn't always follow First Friday

We have a built-in solution for this. It requires two steps:

  1. Edit your Friday hours with monthly availability configured to Every 1st week of the month, as described above.

  2. Edit your Saturday hours with monthly availability configured to Every Saturday following 1st Friday. This option only appears on Saturday hours.

Configuring monthly adoration for "Saturday following 1st Friday" hours

Now, your schedule will show adoration is available on First Fridays and the following Saturdays!

And when an adorer creates a commitment on one of these Saturday hours, they will have a matching monthly option. Easy!

Making a new monthly adoration commitment on a Saturday following 1st Friday
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