How do I open adoration for a monthly schedule (like First Fridays)?

How do I open adoration for a monthly schedule (like First Fridays)?

By default, your adoration schedule assumes that an open hour is open every week (e.g., "Every Friday at 9-10am").

However, if you need to adjust your schedule to open certain hours on a monthly basis, you can do that, too! Here's how.

Change a single hour

Edit the hour, change the general availability of this hour to "Monthly", select a monthly option, and click "Save".

Choose "Monthly" and select a monthly option

For example, if you choose "Every 1st Friday at 6-7pm", then this hour will be open on First Fridays and closed the remaining Fridays of the month. (Don't fret—you can easily override a specific Friday if you need to open or close adoration due to special circumstances.)

Change multiple hours

Select the hours you want to edit and start bulk-editing them, choose "All weeks", enable the "Availability" setting, select "Open monthly", and select a frequency option. Preview which dates will be affected, and then click "Save".

Select "Open adoration hours", then "Once per month", then select a monthly option

Now these hours will be open on a monthly basis (e.g. every 1st Friday).

Monthly commitments

Normally, when adorers make a new adoration commitment, their commitment frequency defaults to "Weekly". If you have a monthly adoration schedule, you'll want to enable the "Monthly" commitment frequency.

After making that change, when an adorer clicks on a monthly hour on your schedule, their commitment frequency will default to "Monthly".

Making a new monthly adoration commitment
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