Are text messages and phone calls made overnight?

Are text messages and phone calls made overnight?

We Adore Him takes great care to send text messages and make phone calls during daytime hours only, which we define as 8:00 AM–9:00 PM.

The following scenarios are worth mentioning in this regard:

  • Commitment reminders are sent during daytime and overnight hours, depending on how each commitment is configured. For example, an adorer can configure their 2:00 AM adoration commitment to send them a phone call reminder at 1:00 AM.

  • However, when a new commitment is made, the reminder notification defaults to within daytime hours. Learn more.

  • The Substitute Finder takes a break during overnight hours and continues sending substitute invitations the following morning.

  • This includes notifying adorers that a substitute was found or that a substitute is no longer needed, even if the substitute request was claimed or canceled in the middle of the night.

Note: Email notifications do not follow the same rules. They are sent whenever they are triggered.

What About Bulk Messages?

Administrators can send bulk messages to adorers anytime, even outside of daytime hours.

However, we caution administrators from inadvertently sending a non-urgent message in the middle of the night. Thus, a prompt is displayed to confirm that you intend to send the message. Be careful; you might wake somebody up! 😴

A helpful prompt to make sure you really want to send a message during overnight hours
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