What can captains do?

What can captains do?

Many chapels find it useful to share administrative responsibilities with other adorers, without sharing all of the administrative privileges. For example, you might want to have "team captains" that are responsible for coordinating the hours on a given day, or a particular range of hours throughout the week.

For these scenarios, use the Captain role!

Captains have elevated privileges above normal adorers, but less than administrators.

Captains can:

  • Create, edit, and delete adorer accounts
  • Create, edit, and delete adoration commitments
  • Create, start, assign, and cancel substitute requests
  • View, confirm, and delete adoration visits
  • Receive admin email notifications
  • View a roster of adoration commitments and substitutes - Learn more

Captains cannot:

  • Change the schedule
  • Edit or delete admin accounts
  • Assign Captain or Administrator roles
  • Import multiple adorers
  • Send bulk messages
  • Export adorers, adorer commitments, and adoration visits
  • Bulk delete commitments
  • Change site settings
  • See billing information
  • See donations

To assign the Captain role to any adorer, simply edit their account and choose "Captain" in the Role field.

Assign the Captain role to an adorer
Assign the Captain role to an adorer

To see all of your captains, visit Admin » Adorers and click on the "Role" filter. Captains have an empty shield icon and admins show a shield icon with a cross.

Filter adorers to show Admins & Captains
Filter adorers to show Admins & Captains

Pro tip: As an administrator, create a test captain account and sign in as them to see what they can see!

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