Can a group of adorers share a commitment?

Sometimes, a group of adorers will share a weekly adoration commitment, rotating through their members each week.

For example:

  • Knights of Columbus
  • Youth Group
  • Other groups, teams, and ministries

There are several ways to accomplish this in We Adore Him.

Group Adorer Account

One solution is to create an adorer account for the group (e.g., "Men's Group").

Optionally enable the Gender field and set it to Unspecified for this adorer account.

Then, create a commitment on behalf of the group. The group will appear on the Schedule.

A "group" adorer account has an adoration commitment on the schedule

When checking in to adoration, the members of the group have two options:

  1. They can tap the group name. This is the simplest option, though it doesn't capture which adorer was actually there.
The adorer can check in as the group
  1. They can tap the Guest or Substitute button. Then, they can type in their name and tap the Check in as a substitute button. This checks them in as a guest substitute for the group, and you know which adorer was there.
The adorer can check in as a substitute for the group

Individual Commitments

Another solution is to have group members sign up for individual commitments.

With this option, the group manages its rotation on the schedule. They can create one-time commitments each week or recurring commitments on a monthly schedule.

Also, consider adding an hour title to help adorers and coordinators know how this hour is managed.

This hour has a title to indicate that a group manages it
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