How do I set up the Chapel Check-in Kiosk?

How do I set up the Chapel Check-in Kiosk?

A great benefit of We Adore Him is the ability to track adorer attendance instantly and automatically. On this page, we show you how to set up your Chapel Check-in Kiosk in the back of your chapel.

Chapel Check-in Kiosk Tablet Preview
The Chapel Check-in Kiosk

Note: this is not an "app" that you would download from an app store. Instead, it's a cool new technology called a "web app", which is like a native app, but it's simply installed by visiting a certain website in your tablet browser.

What you'll need

  1. A tablet device connected to the Internet. We recommend an iPad running an iOS version greater than 12.2. Here's a list of iPads with their supported iOS versions. In summary:

    • iPad 5th generation (or newer)
    • iPad Air (or newer)
    • iPad Mini 2nd generation (or newer)
    • iPad Pro (any version)

    We strongly recommend using an iPad. However, you might be able to use an "Android" tablet. To enable "Guided Access" on Android, you'll want to use what is called "Screen Pinning" by following these instructions.

  2. Charging cord. This should remain plugged into the tablet at all times.

  3. Tablet stand. We recommend this one, or for a more enclosed mount, something like this.

  4. Tethering device. We recommend this one.

  5. The Chapel Check-in password. You can find this (and customize it) by logging into your We Adore Him site and visiting Admin » Settings » Chapel. Please note that the password is case sensitive. You can easily change it by clicking "change password".

Once you have all 5 requirements outlined above, you're ready to set it up in the back of your chapel!

Steps to set up your Chapel Check-in Kiosk

  1. Disable auto-lock. This prevents the table from automatically locking after so many minutes of activity.

    • On an iPad, go to Settings » Display & Brightness » Auto-Lock and choose "Never".

  2. Set up Guided Access. This prevents a visitor from exiting the Chapel Check-in app on the tablet.

    • On an iPad, go to Settings » Accessibility » Guided Access. Toggle it on, set a passcode, and toggle on "Accessibility Shortcut". Then, set Display Auto-Lock to "Never".

  3. Disable automatic updates. This prevents the tablet from automatically upgrading software in the background and potentially requiring a restart.

    • On an iPad, go to Settings » General » Software Update » Automatic Updates and toggle off "Install iPadOS Updates".

    • Also, go to Settings » App Store and toggle off "App Updates".

  4. Navigate to the web app. Simply open Safari, visit the special Chapel Check-in Kiosk website (, and then log in.

    Chapel Check-in Kiosk login form
  5. Install the web app. Add this page to your home screen by clicking the "Share" icon (it looks like a box with an "up" arrow). You'll be presented with options such as "Add Bookmark" and "Add to Favorites". Look for and choose "Add to Home Screen". If you don't see the "Add to Home Screen" option, swipe the buttons to the left. The option "Add to Home Screen" should then appear.

    Remote video URL
    Adding the web app to your Home Screen
  6. Open the web app. Visit your home screen and tap the new "Adoration" icon to load your Chapel Check-in App. It will load just like a native "app".

  7. Enable Guided Access. Triple-click the Home button to enable Guided Access mode. You'll probably want to tap the "Options" link in bottom-left corner to make sure "Sleep/Wake Button" is disabled.

Now, your tablet is all set up and ready to be used as your Chapel Check-in Kiosk!

Final thoughts

All that is left to do is to plug the tablet into an electric source using the charging cord, set it on a stand, and tether it so folks don't walk out of the chapel with it!

Starting now, all adorers have to do to "check in" is to tap their name (or "Guest"). All visits are recorded in the database, and you'll now have a running, complete history of chapel activity right from within We Adore Him. You can even open We Adore Him on your phone at any time to see who is in the chapel! Simply navigate to Admin » Visits.

Congrats! You have just installed a super-sophisticated system that will make attendance tracking a breeze. 🎉

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