Can adorers make ongoing commitments other than weekly?

Can adorers make ongoing commitments other than weekly?

To fill up a weekly schedule with ongoing adoration commitments, adorers should make commitments that repeat every week (or every day).

However, you can enable additional commitment frequencies, which your adorers will see when making new commitments. These frequencies are:

  • One-time
  • Daily
  • Weekly (required)
  • Biweekly (every two weeks)
  • Monthly (e.g., every month on the first Friday)

Customize these options with the "Allowed commitment frequencies" field at Admin » Settings » Schedule.

We discourage enabling the "one-time" option because it could confuse adorers or dissuade them from making an ongoing, perpetual commitment. However, if an hour is generally disabled but enabled for a custom date, or if a substitute is needed for a particular hour, the "Once" option is always shown on the new commitment form, even if it's disabled in your site settings.

New one-time commitment
New one-time commitment
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