Can we print paper check-in sheets?


However, we highly recommend the Adoration Check-In Kiosk to track adoration visits:

  • It's the fastest way for adorers to check in.
  • It's always up-to-date.
  • It connects directly to your We Adore Him website with live-updating visit history.
  • It's the easiest way to know who is (and was) in the adoration chapel at a given moment.

If you cannot use the kiosk, a Paper Check-In Sheet is a great alternative.

We have two printable options for you.

1. Prepopulated Check-In Sheets

At Admin » Check-In Sheets, you can print the daily schedule for the next several days with the names of your committed adorers already listed.

Check-In Sheets page

You may customize the printed sheets in several ways. Options include:

  • The range of dates to print. Don't print too many days in advance because these paper copies may soon become outdated!
  • Whether to print full names, or first initials and last name (for privacy).
  • How adorers should check in:
    • Time in, time out: Adorers write down the time they arrive and leave.
    • Checkbox: Adorers check a box when they arrive.
    • Signature: Adorers sign their name when they arrive.
  • How many additional empty rows to include for each hour (for visitors).
  • Whether to show phone numbers in the Phone or Email column.
  • Whether to include unavailable (closed) hours.

After configuring how the check-in sheets should be displayed, click the Print button.

2. Check-in Sheet Template

We also created a sample document (in three formats) that you may modify for your needs.

Bonus: Mobile Check-In

You might also consider our Mobile Check-In QR Code and make paper check-in sheets available for adorers who don't have a mobile device.

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