Do you have a paper check-in sheet?

Do you have a paper check-in sheet?

We highly recommend using our Adoration Check-In Kiosk for tracking adoration visits because it's always up-to-date, it's the fastest way for adorers to check in, and it connects directly to your We Adore Him website with live-updating visit history. Truly, it's the easiest way to know exactly who is (and was) in the adoration chapel at a given moment.

However, if you are unable to use the kiosk for any reason, having a paper check-in sheet is a great alternative.

We have two options for you.

Automatic Check-in Sheets

At Admin » Check-in Sheets, you can print the upcoming daily schedule for the next several days with the names of your committed adorers already listed.

You can configure the number of days in advance you want to print, how you want your adorer names to be listed (full name, or first initials, last name, for privacy), the number of additional visitor rows to include for each hour, etc.

Please note: you shouldn't print too many days in advance because these paper copies may soon become outdated.

Check-in Sheet Template

We also created a sample document that you are free to use and modify for your needs.

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