Fine-Tuned Substitute Availability

Our most highly-requested feature is live!

Adorers can now tweak their general substitute availability by:

  • Time Ranges: The original solution still works, grouping availability in 3-hour blocks.
  • Hours: Refines the above approach with per-hour granularity.
  • Days: Bundles availability into days of the week (instead of hours).
  • Weekly Schedule: For power users, weekend warriors, and those who love checkboxes.

Combined with the bonus Select All checkbox, your adorers now have a fast and flexible solution for saying, "This is when I can help."

Check it out in this video:

Fine-tuned substitute availability

This new feature pairs perfectly with the Admin » Substitutes page. Review that page occasionally to ensure you have a healthy amount of substitute coverage for open adoration hours.

It might be a good time to send a bulk message to your substitutes, asking them to update their availability. The Substitute Finder works better when it invites adorers for hours in which they are generally available.

Send a message to all substitutes

Oh! Administrators and captains can also use this lovely widget to customize which hours they are assigned to manage.

Enjoy! ✅ 🏃