How do guests and substitutes check in to adoration?

When a guest (not a scheduled adorer) makes an adoration visit, they can check in using the Adoration Check-in Kiosk.

First, they click the Guest button. If a scheduled adorer has yet to check in, the button is labeled Guest or Substitute.

Guest check-in

Then, they are presented with a form to complete their check-in:

The guest check-in form

The Name field is the only required field. To finish, they click Check in as Guest. Or, if they are substituting for a committed adorer or group, they can click a Check in as a substitute button.

The adorer also has the option to learn more about making a commitment or being a substitute.

Guest check-in form with additional contact fields

If they select this option, they must enter either their email address or phone number. This information is emailed to all administrators and captains with the Guest adorer checked in admin notification enabled.

If the adorer provides their email address and/or phone number, they are sent a "thank you" email and/or text message inviting them to visit your We Adore Him website, make an adoration commitment, or sign up as a substitute.

Customize this email template with the Guest Email fields at Admin » Settings » Attendance. The text message cannot currently be customized, but we plan to add this feature soon.

Now that they are checked in, their name appears next to other adorers signed up for that hour.

A guest who successfully checked in

Additional considerations

  • If the guest's name, email address, or phone number matches an existing adorer account, the visit will be credited to that account.
  • If a committed adorer somehow misses their name and checks in as a guest, the above rule will apply, but the system is also smart enough to check them into their committed hour.
  • The guest visit history is available at Admin » Visits. We recommend periodically following up with these adorers.
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