How do guests check in to adoration?

How do guests check in to adoration?

When a guest visits your adoration chapel, they can check in using the Chapel Check-in Kiosk.

They simply click the "Guest" button:

Guest check-in button

Then they are presented with a form to complete their check-in:

Guest check-in form

The name field is the only thing they have to enter. Then they can click "Check in as Guest" to finish. Or, if they are serving as a substitute for a committed adorer, they can click one of the other "Check in" buttons.

They also have the option to enter their email address and/or phone number. If they do, this information will be emailed to all admins and captains with the "Guest adorer checked in" admin notification enabled. And, if they provided their email address, they will receive a "thank you" email inviting them to visit your We Adore Him website and make an adoration commitment or sign up as a substitute. (You can edit this email template at Admin » Settings » Chapel.)

They will now see their name as checked in:

Guest check-in

Some other things to note:

  • If the guest name, email address, or phone number matches an existing adorer account, the visit will be credited to that account.

  • If a committed adorer somehow misses their name and checks in as a guest, the above rule will apply, but also the system is smart enough to simply check them in to their committed hour.

  • On Admin » Visits, you can see all guests who have checked in, as well as any contact information they provided. Learn more.

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