What is an adorer account and how do I create one?

What is an adorer account and how do I create one?

Each adorer needs an account to make adoration commitments and serve as a substitute.

These accounts can be named whatever you want—the adorer's full name, their initials, a couple (e.g. "John & Jane Doe"), or a group (e.g., "Knights of Columbus").

Each adorer can have one or more adoration commitments or simply be on the list of substitutes.

Adorers can sign up to create their accounts, or administrators and captains can create adorer accounts on their behalf.

There is no limit to the number of adorers you can have on your We Adore Him website.

How Does an Adorer Create an Account?

Adorers can sign themselves up for an adorer account by clicking the "Sign Up" button at the top of the page. After completing the form, their account is created, and they are immediately logged in (unless you are using the activation code feature).

Adorers use the "Sign Up" button to create their account

You can also share a special URL with your adorers which opens up the Sign Up form immediately. You can find the Signup URL at Admin » Settings » Onboarding.

Share the Signup URL with your adorers for an easy onboarding workflow

How Do I Create an Adorer Account on Their Behalf?

Administrators and captains can create accounts on behalf of adorers—one at a time or all at once.

To create an adorer account, visit Admin » Adorers, click the "New Adorer" button, and complete the form.

Use the "New Adorer" button to create an adorer account

Some considerations:

  • The "Name" field is the only field that is strictly required. It must be unique for each adorer.

  • If you leave the "Password" field empty, a randomly-generated password is assigned. The adorer can log in by clicking the link in their welcome email or using the Forgot Password page (learn more).

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