Can adorers make commitment "reservations" for not-yet-available adoration hours?

Can adorers make commitment "reservations" for not-yet-available adoration hours?

When a parish wants to expand an adoration program, it's helpful to ask your adorers who is interested in committing to those hours if they are made available in the future.

We Adore Him does not currently have an out-of-the-box option to configure hours in this way, or to let adorers make an adoration commitment "reservation" for certain hours on your schedule. We will consider adding a feature like this if there is enough interest.

In the meantime, here are two solutions which might serve your purposes.

Open hours in the future

Let's say you have adoration on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and you are considering offering adoration on Mondays and Tuesdays two months from now.

One solution would be to open those hours on a future date, and then ask your adorers to make commitments for those hours starting on that date. If you get enough interest, then they are already signed up! If not, you can simply bulk delete the commitments for those hours.

To accomplish this, visit your Schedule page, advance the calendar two months into the future, bulk edit the Monday and Tuesday hours which are currently closed, open those hours with the "All weeks starting with these dates" option, and save.

Bulk edit hours to open them starting with a future date

Then, click "Done Editing" to exit edit mode, and copy the URL of this page.

Finally, add something like the following in your Sitewide Message, pasting in the URL of your Schedule page containing the future date:

We are looking for adorers to sign up for Mondays and Tuesdays. Please click the following link to advance the schedule to the first date that we open those hours, and then click on an hour that you want to sign up:

Gather interest with an online survey

If you'd rather not adjust your schedule as described above, another option is to use an online survey tool, like Survey Monkey, to ask your adorers which days or hours they would be willing to commit to if adoration is expanded.

After creating the survey, you can then edit your Sitewide Message to something like the following:

We are considering expanding adoration to Mondays and Tuesdays. Please click the following link to take a survey and let us know which hours you would be available to commit to:


This is an easy and flexible way to get this information. After you've decided to expand your adoration hours, you would simply open the hours on your schedule and invite those adorers to make an adoration commitment on your We Adore Him website.

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