Getting started with your We Adore Him site

If you haven't already, please review Next Steps before proceeding.

Your We Adore Him website is ready for you to get it all set up. Let's go!

  1. Review your settings. After you sign in, visit Admin » Settings and review the many customizations available to you.
  2. Set up the schedule. Out of the box, your schedule is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you need to close some hours (or days), visit your Schedule page and start editing your hours.
  3. Import your adorers. Now that your spreadsheet of adorers is ready (you did that, right?), it's time to import them. Follow our step-by-step guide, and you'll have everyone imported in no time.
  4. Add adorers to the schedule. Now that your schedule is accurate and you've imported your adorers, it's time to create adoration commitments for them. You have three options:
    • Import them all at once. Just like the adorer import process, you can import your existing adoration commitments from a spreadsheet template.
    • Create them one by one. You can manually create each adorer's commitment by clicking on an hour to make a new commitment and selecting the appropriate adorer to assign to that particular hour.
    • Let your adorers do it. In this case, after your website goes live, your adorers can sign in, visit the Schedule page, and create their commitments. (Either way, new adorers can do this at any time.)
  5. Set up the chapel kiosk. Finish setting up the kiosk that you installed by following the rest of these instructions.
  6. Go live. Your website may still be in Onboarding Mode. Switch it to Live Mode.
  7. Send the welcome email. If you haven't already done this, it's time to let your adorers know that they have an adoration account. This email includes a one-time login link, like what you first used to sign in and change your password. Learn how to send the welcome email.
  8. Spread the word. It's a great idea to promote your new We Adore Him website as widely as possible. Here are some ideas:
    • Link from your parish website. On your parish website, add a link to your We Adore Him website so folks can sign up for adoration online. You can also embed the schedule to display the hours most in need of adorers.
    • Post it in the bulletin. We have an editable flyer that you can customize to include in your bulletin, post on a bulletin board, or hang on the wall outside the adoration chapel. Get it here. Consider including the Signup QR code, as well.
    • Tell surrounding parishes. We recommend that you notify surrounding parishes so they too can link to your We Adore Him website on their respective parish websites and create an announcement in their bulletins.
    • Broadcast on social media. You can easily share the link to your We Adore Him website on social media, where many adorers (and their friends) spend way too much time. 😉 This generates buzz and will get shared with everyone.

All done! Now, sit back and watch your chapel run itself. Almost. 😇

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