Can you recommend a substitute policy?

Every parish should establish a Substitute Policy to share with adorers. This policy helps scheduled adorers know what to do when they cannot attend adoration.

The "right" policy depends on your circumstances. However, based on our experience working with many adoration chapels, this is what we've seen as a good starting point.

Feel free to copy the following sample policy, modify it to suit your needs, and share it with your adorers. You might post this in the welcome email for new adorers and send a bulk message to existing adorers.

Sample Substitute Policy

Thank you for making an adoration commitment! If you cannot attend one week, please follow these steps to help us find a substitute.

  1. Find a substitute. If you can find a substitute, that's the best option. We recommend contacting the adorers who share a commitment with you or arrive just before or after you. You can find their contact information on your We Adore Him dashboard. Scroll to "My Commitments," then click the "View other adorers" link. You may print this page for future use.
  2. Use We Adore Him to find a substitute. If you need help finding a substitute, our helpful adoration software can do it for you. Visit your dashboard page, scroll to "My Commitments," and click the "Request a substitute" button. Or, text SUB to our adoration phone number, [phone number here].
  3. Contact your hourly captain. For last-minute substitute requests, please get in touch with your hourly captain.

Please note: It's much easier to find a substitute with advance notice, ideally at least a week before.

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