How do I customize and send the welcome email to new adorers?

The welcome email is sent to an adorer after their account is created on We Adore Him.

Customize the Welcome Email

The default welcome email template includes a helpful one-time login link which adorers can use to set their passwords, and a link to the tutorial video found on your Help page.

Customize this email template with the Welcome email fields at Admin » Settings » Onboarding.

Tokens will be replaced with customized values when the email is sent to an individual adorer.

  • [site:name] - The name of your We Adore Him website (e.g., "St. Mary's Adoration")
  • [site:url] - A link to the homepage of your We Adore Him website
  • [site:help-url] - A link to the Help page on your We Adore Him website
  • [user:display-name] - The adorer's name
  • [user:one-time-login-url] - A unique, randomly-generated one-time login link for the adorer
  • [user:access-code] - The adorer's access code, if you use the access code feature

Test the Welcome Email

To receive a copy of the test email, visit your Dashboard, click the dropdown arrow next to "Edit My Account" and click "Send welcome email.

Send the Welcome Email to a Single Adorer

To send an adorer the welcome email, visit Admin » Adorers, scroll to the adorer, click the dropdown arrow next to Edit and click Send welcome email.

Send the welcome email to an adorer

Send the Welcome Email to Multiple Adorers

To send multiple adorers the welcome email, visit Admin » Adorers, filter the list of adorers as desired, click the dropdown arrow next to Send Bulk Message, and click Send welcome email.

Send the welcome email to multiple adorers

A confirmation dialog appears indicating how many adorers will receive the welcome email. Only adorers with an email address are included in this list.

Alternatively, you can click the Send Bulk Message button and click the use welcome email link above the Email - Body field to populate this form with your welcome email template. This allows you to customize the email for one-time use without affecting your welcome email template. Click Send test email to receive a copy of this email before sending it to your adorers. Learn more.

Send the welcome email in a bulk message

Additional Considerations

  • If your site requires an approval workflow to sign up and an adorer registers without an activation code, their account will remain blocked until an admin activates it. The website automatically sends the welcome email when a blocked account is activated.
  • An adorer without an email address on their account won't receive the welcome email. However, if they have a phone number on their account, they can text their email address to your We Adore Him phone number. It will be added to their account, and the website will send them the welcome email. Learn more.
  • A separate email is sent to guests who check in on the Adoration Check-in Kiosk.
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