How can I quickly update everyone's email address?

How can I quickly update everyone's email address?

If you have a large list of adorers who can receive text messages, and you want to update their accounts to add their email addresses, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Admin » Adorers.

  2. Filter the list of adorers to those without an email address, and whose notification preference is "Text message":

    • Enter email=! into the "Search" field.
    • Check the "Notify" checkbox.
    • Choose "Text message notifications."
  3. Send a bulk message to these adorers asking them to respond with their email addresses. Something like this:

    • Adoration chapel here. We are updating our records. Please reply with your email address (only). Thank you!

When an adorer replies with their email address, the system will automatically assign it to their account and send them the welcome email. Easy! 🥳

If adorers reply with something other than exactly their email address (e.g., "My email address is..."), the system won't recognize it. Thankfully, you can monitor these responses at Admin » Text messages. Learn more.

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