Can multiple adorers share an email address or phone number?

The name, email address, and phone number fields uniquely identify each adorer account.

This accomplishes several goals:

  • Adorers can log in with their name, email address, or phone number (and password).
  • When an adorer calls or texts your We Adore Him phone number, we look up their account by their phone number.
  • If an adorer forgets their password, we can send them a password reset code via email, text message, or phone call.

Thus, these fields cannot be shared among multiple adorers.

What if I have adorers who share an email address or phone number?

In that case, you have a few options:

  1. Create one adorer account with both names, like John and Jane Doe, and assign that single adorer to multiple time slots.
  2. Create two adorer accounts, assigning the shared email address to one adorer, and the shared phone number to the other.
  3. Many email providers support "plus addressing" (or sub-addresses) to route multiple email addresses to the same inbox. For example, if two adorers have a shared email address of "[email protected]," you might be able to set up multiple email addresses like the following:
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