How do adorers request a substitute?

How do adorers request a substitute?

As long as there is enough time for the Substitute Finder to find a substitute (by default, six hours before the adoration date), adorers can request a substitute through your We Adore Him website in several ways.

Customize this time frame with the "Threshold to prevent requesting a substitute" setting at Admin » Settings » Substitutes.

However, if there is not enough time for the automated system to do its job, adorers need to find a substitute themselves or contact an adoration coordinator for assistance.

There are three ways to request a substitute.

1. Dashboard Page

Adorers can log in to their Dashboard page to view their adoration commitments. Next to each upcoming adoration date is a "Request Substitute" button which they can use to request a substitute for that date.

Request a substitute on the Dashboard page for an upcoming date
Request a substitute on the Dashboard page for an upcoming date

Administrators and captains can also request substitutes on behalf of adorers in the same way by visiting an adorer's Dashboard page.

2. Commitment Reminder Notification

If an adorer configures their adoration commitment with reminder notification, and if the reminder notification is sent far enough in advance for the system to find a substitute, additional instructions are included in the notification for how to request a substitute.

  • Email: A link is included to request a substitute.
  • Text message: The adorer can respond with sub to request a substitute.
  • Phone call: The adorer can press 1 to request a substitute.

3. Calling the We Adore Him Phone Number

Adorers can call your dedicated We Adore Him phone number to hear details about their upcoming adoration commitment and request a substitute by pressing 1.

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