How can I protect my adorers' privacy?

How can I protect my adorers' privacy?


Generally speaking, the default settings for a new We Adore Him site are well-tuned to the average privacy needs of a Catholic community.

However, if you are concerned about sharing personal information among your adorers (such as full name, email address, or phone number), then the following configurable options are available to you.

  • Admins can hide adorer names on the Directory page and in shared commitments on the Dashboard page. Find this setting at Admin » Settings » General. Admins and Captains can always access the Directory page.

  • Admins can hide adorer names on the Schedule page to other logged-in adorers at Admin » Settings » Schedule. Admins and Captains can always view adorer names on the Schedule page.

  • Admins can require new adorers to be approved to ensure they should have access before activating their account. This is enforced with the activation code feature at Admin » Settings » Onboarding. You can share this activation code with anyone that you trust and they can bypass this approval process.

  • Admins can exclude the requesting adorer's name in substitute requests. Find this setting at Admin » Settings » Substitutes.

  • Admins can configure the Chapel Check-in Kiosk to obscure full adorer names, hide adorer phone numbers, and disable autocompleting names on guest check-ins. Find these settings at Admin » Settings » Chapel.

Also note that only Admins and Captains can see the gender-coded color of adorers commitments on the Schedule page, and only logged-in adorers can see which hours are in need of male adorers.

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