What is the difference between "active" and "blocked" adorers?

Each adorer has a status of "Active" or "Blocked."

An Active adorer may log in to the website, make an adoration commitment, request a substitute, etc.

A Blocked adorer may not log in or do anything else on the website. Blocked adorers are not sent substitute invitations or included in bulk messages.

If you enabled the approval workflow, any adorer who signs up without providing the correct activation code is automatically marked as "Blocked" until an administrator activates their account.

Reasons to Block an Adorer

You might consider flagging an adorer as "Blocked" in the following scenarios:

  • Block an adorer until you interview them and onboard them as an approved adorer.
  • Block an adorer who should no longer have access to your system but whose historical data you want to keep.

You can also delete an adorer instead of blocking them. Please note that deleting an adorer also deletes their website data (adorer account info, commitments, history of substitute requests and visits, etc.).

Inactive Adorers

Also, note that an adorer can be marked as "Active" but not have an adoration commitment or be on the list of substitutes. Such an adorer might be considered "inactive" in real life, though they are marked "Active" in We Adore Him.

To find a list of these adorers:

  • Visit Admin » Adorers.
  • Enable the Commitment filter and set it to Without recurring commitment.
  • Enable the Substitute filter and set it to Is not a substitute.
  • Enable the Status filter and set it to Active.

View All Blocked Adorers

To view a list of all blocked adorers:

  • Visit Admin » Adorers.
  • Enable the Status filter and set it to Blocked.

How to Unblock an Adorer

To unblock an adorer, either:

  1. Edit their account, change the Status field to Active, and save.
  2. Find their account at Admin » Adorers, click the dropdown next to the Edit button, and click Activate account.

Note that unblocking (or "activating") an adorer account immediately sends them the welcome email.

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