How can I view all adorers?

As an administrator or captain, visit Admin » Adorers to view the list of all adorer accounts on your We Adore Him website.

On this page, you can:

  • Create a new adorer account by clicking New Account. Learn more.

  • Import multiple adorers. Learn more.

  • Send a bulk message to all adorers or a filtered list of adorers. If you select rows in the table by clicking the corresponding checkboxes, the message will be sent to the selected adorers.

  • Send the welcome email to all adorers, a filtered list of adorers, or a selected list of adorers (as above). Learn more.

  • Export a CSV file containing all adorers, a filtered list of adorers, or a selected list of adorers (as above).

  • Use the Search field or the other filters on this page to narrow your list of adorers to find a particular one.

Everyday tasks administrators perform on this page:

Resend the Welcome Email to Everyone Who Has Not Logged In

  • Set the Logged in filter to Has not logged in.
  • Click the dropdown arrow next to Send Bulk Message and click Send welcome email.

Send a Message to All Adorers Without a Recurring Commitment To Invite Them To Make One

  • Set the Commitment filter to Without recurring commitment.
  • Click Send Bulk Message.

Assign Contact Information to Adorers With Disabled Notifications

  • Set the Notify filter to Notifications disabled.
  • Contact each adorer to get their updated contact information, and click Edit to update their account.

Update Notification Preferences From Text Message or Phone Call To Email (To Save Money)

  • Set the Notify filter to Text message notifications or Phone call notifications.
  • Set the Search field to email=!!. This filters the list of adorers to those who have an email address.
  • Update each adorer's account to switch their notification preference to email.

Assign Access Codes to Each Adorer That Still Needs One

  • With the per-adorer access code feature enabled, set the Access code filter to Without access code.
  • Click Edit to update each adorer's account.

Send a Thank You Message to All Donors

  • With the donations feature enabled, set the Donor filter to Is a donor.
  • Click Send Bulk Message.
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