How can I view all adorers?

How can I view all adorers?

As an administrator or captain, visit Admin » Adorers to view the list of all adorer accounts on your We Adore Him website.

On this page, you can:

  • Create a new adorer account by clicking the "New Account" button. Learn more.

  • Import multiple adorers. Learn more.

  • Send a bulk message to all adorers or a filtered list of adorers. If you select rows in the table by clicking the corresponding checkboxes, the message will be sent to the selected adorers.

  • Send the welcome email to all adorers, a filtered list of adorers, or a selected list of adorers (as above). Learn more.

  • Export a CSV file containing all adorers, a filtered list of adorers, or a selected list of adorers (as above).

  • Use the "Search" field or the other filters on this page to narrow your list of adorers to find a particular one.

Everyday tasks administrators perform on this page:

Resend the Welcome Email to Everyone Who Has Not Logged In

  • Check the "Logged in" checkbox.
  • Choose "Has not logged in."
  • Click the dropdown button next to "Send Bulk Message" and choose "Send welcome email."

Send a Message to All Adorers Without a Recurring Commitment To Invite Them To Make One

  • Check the "Commitment" checkbox.
  • Choose "Without recurring commitment."
  • Click the "Send Bulk Message" button.

Assign Contact Information to Adorers With Disabled Notifications

  • Check the "Notify" checkbox.
  • Choose "Notifications disabled."
  • Contact each adorer offline to get updated contact information for them, and then click the "Edit" button to update their account.

Update Notification Preferences From Text Message or Phone Call To Email (To Save Money)

  • Check the "Notify" checkbox.
  • Choose "Text message notifications" or "Phone call notifications."
  • Enter email=!! into the "Search" field. This filters the list of adorers to those who have an email address.
  • Update each adorer's account to switch their notification preference to email.

Assign Access Codes to Each Adorer That Still Needs One

  • If you enabled the per-adorer access code feature, you'll see an "Access code" checkbox. Check this.
  • Choose "Without access code."
  • Update each adorer's account by clicking the corresponding "Edit" button.

Send a Thank You Message to All Donors

  • If you enabled the donations feature, you'll see a "Donors" checkbox. Check this.
  • Choose "Is a donor."
  • Click the "Send Bulk Message" button.
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