Can a commitment be paused or suspended?

If an adorer needs to temporarily postpone their adoration commitment (for example, if they get sick or they are planning extended travel), there are a couple of ways that you can handle this.

Request Substitutes

You can request substitutes for the upcoming weeks until the adorer can return to adoration. This keeps the adorer's commitment on the schedule and uses the system to fill in the gaps by finding subs.

Assign or Delete Commitment Dates

You can also assign to another adorer (or delete altogether) the commitment dates where the adorer won't be at adoration. Learn more.

Backup the Commitment and Then Delete It

Alternatively, you can backup the commitment (so that you keep it around for future reference) and then delete it.

  1. Visit Admin » Commitments and click Export to download a copy of your current list of commitments.

  2. Visit the adorer's dashboard, edit their account, and add a note in the Internal Notes field. Something like, Out of the country until 9/1, old commitment was Thursdays at 3 PM.

  3. Finally, delete the adorer's commitment.

Later, after the adorer's availability returns to normal, you can recreate the commitment after consulting your notes.

You can also set a commitment end date.

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