How can I view all adorer commitments?

How can I view all adorer commitments?

There are several ways to view all of your adorer commitments.

Schedule Page

On the Schedule page, all adorer commitments appear in a week-at-a-glance calendar view.

Some things to note:

  • Only future hours show adoration commitments (and past hours show visits).

  • This view shows both recurring and one-time commitments (including substitutions). This is the most accurate representation of who is scheduled to be at adoration.

  • The color of the adorer's name indicates the adorer's gender (green is male, pink is female, and "unspecified" is in black text). Learn more.

  • Advance to future weeks to get a sense of any gaps in weekly coverage (though there's a more reliable way to accomplish this at Admin » Commitments, described below).

  • Use the "Commitment" filter in the top right to show only commitments of a particular frequency ("Once," "Weekly," etc.).

Commitments Page

At Admin » Commitments, you'll find a table that shows all of your adorer commitments.

There are several interesting ways to use this page:

  • See which adorers are making their adoration commitment next:

    • Sort the "Next date" column, ascending.
  • Find gaps in weekly coverage:

    • Change the "Frequency" filter to "Weekly."
    • Sort the "Day" column, ascending.
  • Show commitments with a reminder method not far enough in the future to request a substitute:

    • Change the "Reminder" filter to "Enabled."
    • Sort the "Reminder" column, ascending.
  • Save money by changing reminder notifications to email:

    • Change the "Reminder" filter to "Text message" or "Phone call."
    • Edit the commitment to change the reminder notification to "Email."
  • Delete multiple commitments at one time (admins only). Learn more.

Adorers Page

At Admin » Adorers, enable the "Commitment" filter to find those adorers with or without a recurring commitment.

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