Can adorers check in with a mobile device?


There's a special Mobile Check-In QR Code that administrators can print and post in the adoration chapel.

Adorers can scan this QR code with their mobile device to open the Adoration Check-In Kiosk directly in their web browser, check in to adoration, and check out when finished.

Mobile Check-In Kiosk
The Mobile Check-In Kiosk

How It Works

The Mobile Check-In QR Code opens the kiosk in the adorer's browser. This is the same experience as installing the kiosk on a tablet, with minor differences.

Adorers remain logged in to the kiosk for three hours, so they have enough time to check in and check out.

After this time, they are automatically logged out, to prevent them from checking in to adoration from home—yikes! They will need to scan the QR code again to check in at their next adoration visit.

Mobile QR Code Check-In - logged out
Adorers must scan the QR Code at each adoration visit

Setup Instructions

Visit Admin » Settings » Attendance, and make sure that the Adoration Check-In Kiosk is enabled.

The QR code is displayed under the Mobile Check-In heading.

Mobile Check-In QR Code
The Mobile Check-In QR Code

The default QR code is for English-speaking adorers. Click the Spanish tab to see the QR code for Spanish-speaking adorers. Consider including both of these images in whatever instructions you print.

Please note: If you change the kiosk password, you'll need to print the newly-generated QR code.

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