Can adorers check out of adoration?

With the Adoration Check-in Kiosk, adorers can check in to adoration by simply tapping their name when they arrive. When they check in, their adoration visit is marked as confirmed, and a checked-in timestamp is saved.

You can also configure the kiosk to allow adorers to check out of adoration by tapping their name again when they leave. When they check out, a checked-out timestamp is also saved.

Enable this feature with the Allow adorers to check out field at Admin » Settings » Attendance.

Enable kiosk check out

If an adorer should check in but forget to check out, the kiosk automatically checks them out after a configurable number of hours (after the moment they checked in). The default setting is 2 hours, but you can configure this. No timestamp is saved when this happens; their name is simply hidden from the kiosk.

Adorers can tap their name to check out of adoration

At Admin » Visits, the check-in and check-out times are displayed for each visit. If the system automatically checked out the adorer, no check-out time is displayed.

The Visits page shows the check-in and out times

You can also find this information on the Schedule page by hovering over each past hour to see its visits.

Visit details on the Schedule page
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