What happens when the kiosk goes offline?

The Adoration Check-in Kiosk requires an internet connection to allow adorers to check in and out of their adoration visits.

If the internet should go offline for any reason, adorers cannot check in via the tablet kiosk.

After the kiosk is offline for at least 10 minutes, administrators and captains are notified if they have the Kiosk is offline admin notification enabled on their account.

Also, we display an Offline Message until the internet connection is restored.

Adoration kiosk offline message

You can customize this message to ask your adorers to check with some supplied paper check-in sheets, call the IT person at the parish, etc.

Customize this message with the Offline message field at Admin » Settings » Attendance.

Customize the kiosk offline message

It is not possible to check in to adoration when the kiosk is offline; however, there are plans to add this feature in the future.

Also, see our troubleshooting steps for getting your kiosk back online.

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