How do I contact guest adorers?

How do I contact guest adorers?

When a visiting adorer checks in to adoration using the Adoration Check-In Kiosk, if they don't have an adorer account in your We Adore Him website, then a visit record is saved, but it's not linked to an adorer account.

Thus, you will not find these folks at Admin » Adorers.

We recommend periodically following up with these adorers and asking if they would like to make an adoration commitment or serve as a substitute. Then, invite them to visit your We Adore Him website and create an adoration account (or create it yourself).

It is not possible to contact guest adorers through the Send Bulk Message feature.

Here's how to get a list of these guests and their contact information.

  • Go to Admin » Visits.

  • Change the "Adorer" filter to "Unknown." (This shows only visits not linked to an adorer account.)

  • Optionally change the "Date range" filter to the past week, past month, etc.

  • Click the "Export visits" button to download a CSV file that you can open in a spreadsheet program.

Now you can contact them one by one. Good luck!

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