How do I contact guest adorers?

When a visiting adorer checks in using the Adoration Check-In Kiosk who doesn't have an adorer account on your We Adore Him website, a visit record is saved but not linked to an adorer account.

Thus, you will not find these folks at Admin » Adorers.

We recommend periodically following up with these adorers to ask if they would like to make an adoration commitment or serve as a substitute. Then, invite them to visit your We Adore Him website and create an adoration account (or create it yourself).

Please note: It is not possible to contact guest adorers through the Send Bulk Message feature.

Here's how to get a list of these guests and their contact information.

  • Go to Admin » Visits.
  • Change the Show filter to Guest check-in visits.
  • Optionally change the Date range filter to the past week, month, etc.
  • Change the Adorer filter to Unknown.
  • Select the Guests with contact info checkbox.
  • Click the Export Visits button to download a CSV file you can open in a spreadsheet program.

Now you can easily work with their contact information. Enjoy!

💡 Pro Tip: After selecting the above filters, bookmark the page to apply those filters when you return later!

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