Can the length of an adoration commitment be something other than 1 hour?

We Adore Him is designed to support the traditional devotion of a "holy hour."

Accordingly, for simplicity and easier scheduling:

  • Adoration commitments are one hour long. However, you can enable additional commitment lengths (see below).
  • Adoration commitments start at the top of the hour. There is not currently a setting to adjust the start times of commitments (though that is something we are considering).

Additional Commitment Lengths

You may optionally enable additional commitment lengths to allow your adorers to make 30-minute commitments, 2-hour commitments, etc.

Enable this feature with the Enable additional commitment lengths field at Admin » Settings » Schedule.

What Changes?

When enabled, adorers will see an additional option when creating a new commitment:

Adorers can select their commitment length

In various places around your We Adore Him website, non-1-hour-long commitments will also display their commitment length.

A 30-minute long commitment

Please note: If you enable this feature, we highly recommend using the Admin » Timeline page to spot gaps caused by 30-minute commitments.

A 30-minute gap exists because of a short commitment

Regarding Schedule Time Slots

The time slots on the Schedule page are assumed to be one hour long.

If circumstances require a particular schedule time slot to be less than a full hour, you might add a custom title to the hour explaining that it starts late or ends early. Learn more.

Regarding Staggered-Start Mode

Our Staggered-Start Mode feature adjusts the start time of each time slot on your schedule. Each time slot is still assumed to be one hour long.

You could enable Staggered-Start Mode and tell your adorers that each adoration commitment is 30 minutes long. But the software will show that each commitment is for one full hour, which could confuse your adorers.

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