How can I review all adoration visits?

How can I review all adoration visits?

There are several ways to view all of your adorer's adoration visits.

Visits page

On the Admin » Visits page, you'll find a table that shows the most recent adoration visits. Use the filters at the top of the page to reduce the results to just what you're looking for.

Some things to note:

  • A scheduled visit is one that started first as a commitment and was converted to a visit at the moment that the adoration commitment started.

  • confirmed visit is one where the adorer checked in at the kiosk. If they forgot and you know they were there, you can confirm the visit by clicking the checkbox in the "Confirmed" column.

  • substitute visit is one where the originally scheduled adorer requested a substitute (online or offline), and another adorer claimed that substitute request or checked in as a guest substitute in the chapel.

  • A visit is considered late if it was scheduled and the adorer checked in after their adoration commitment started.

  • guest visit is one where the adorer tapped the "Guest" button to check in. It may have been automatically linked to their adorer account, and they may have then checked in as a substitute for a scheduled adorer. The guest contact information is displayed on this page, but you cannot send bulk messages to guests that don't have an account (though, you can export this information to contact them outside of We Adore Him).

  • You can create, edit and delete visits to fine-tune your visit history. (By the way, this is way easiser with the Adoration Check-in Kiosk.)

There are several interesting ways to use this page:

  • Contact adorers who missed their adoration commitment in the last week (or forgot to check in):

    • Change the "Show" filter to "Unconfirmed visits."
    • Change the "Date range" filter to "Last 7 days".
    • Click the "Messages Adorers" button.
  • See who was late to adoration:

    • Change the "Show" filter to "Late check ins."
  • See everyone who checked in for a 3:00 AM visit:

    • Change the "Show" filter to "Confirmed visits."
    • Change the "Time" filter to "3:00 AM".
  • Find all adoration visits for a particular adorer:

    • Change the "Adorer" filter to a specific adorer.

Schedule page

On the Schedule page, all adoration visits appear in a week-at-a-glance calendar view.

Some things to note:

  • Only past hours show adoration visits. Future hours show commitments.

  • Confirmed visits (see above) appear with a checkmark icon after the adorer name.

  • If the visit was linked to an adorer, then the color of the adorer's name indicates the adorer's gender (green is male, pink is female). Otherwise, it will appear in black text. Learn more.

  • Hover over past hours on your schedule to view more information about the visits in that hour, such as when they checked in, whether or not they were late, and links to view and edit the adorer (if the visit was linked to an adorer account). Click the cog icon to edit each visit, so you can make it as confirmed and edit other visit details.

  • You can also hover over past hours and click "New Visit" to fill in adorer attendance for each hour (e.g., from paper check-in sheets).

  • Navigate to past weeks to get a sense of any gaps in attendance.

Dashboard page

On any adorer's Dashboard page, click the "Visits" link in the top right to view that adorer's history of adoration visits.

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