How can I view the text message history?

How can I view the text message history?

Your We Adore Him phone number can send text messages. The complete history of sent and received text messages is available at Admin » Text messages.

Text messages page
Text messages page

Some things to note:

  • The "Direction" field indicates whether the message was sent ("To adorers") or received ("From adorers").

  • By default, this page shows all messages received from adorers so that you can quickly find important inbound messages. If you find messages from adorers who expected a human response, you may want to let them know that your We Adore Him phone number is an automated response system.

  • Use the "Adorer" filter to see the history of messages to a specific person. You can also use the "Conversation" button on any message to see that adorer's text message history in a chat-style format. Super helpful! 👏

  • Change the "Status" field to "Undelivered" to find text messages which never reached the intended adorer. You may want to contact these adorers to ask if their phone number is a landline (and then change their notification preference).

  • The text message logs are automatically updated every hour. To manually refresh the logs, use the "Refresh" button in the top right corner.

Enjoy! 📱👍

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