How can I change an adorer's commitment?

How can I change an adorer's commitment?

In order to change an adorer's commitment, most of the time you'll need to delete the commitment and create a new one.

The following situations require you to delete and recreate an adorer's commitment:

  • Changing a commitment frequency (e.g. "Weekly" to "Biweekly")
  • Changing the start day, hour, or week of a commitment

However, there are also situations where you can simply edit a commitment:

You can edit or delete an adorer's commitment on their dashboard. Once there, simply click the "Edit" button in the top-right corner of the commitment in question.

Editing a commitment

Make your changes, and click "Save". Or, if you are deleting the commitment, click "Delete".

Need to make updates to several commitments?

To see all commitments at once, visit Admin » Commitments. Learn more.

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