How can I change an adorer's commitment?

How can I change an adorer's commitment?


In order to change an adorer's commitment, most of the time you'll need to delete the commitment and create a new one.

The following situations require you to delete and recreate an adorer's commitment:

  • Changing a commitment frequency (e.g. "Weekly" to "Biweekly")
  • Changing the start day, hour, or week of a commitment

However, there are also situations where you can simply edit a commitment:

  • Changing the commitment's reminder notification preference
  • Changing an expiring commitment's end date

You can edit or delete an adorer's commitment on their dashboard. Once there, simply click the "Edit" button in the top-right corner of the commitment in question.

Editing a commitment
Editing a commitment

Make your changes, and click "Save". Or, if you are deleting the commitment, click "Delete".

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