How can I see what adorers (non-admins and captains) see?

How can I see what adorers (non-admins and captains) see?

As an administrator or captain, you'll be able to view additional information that normal adorers cannot see, e.g., the list of adorers and their contact information, the list of adoration commitments, the adoration visit history, etc.

But sometimes you'll want to see what the We Adore Him experience looks like as a normal adorer.

To accomplish this, you can simply create a "Test Adorer" account and then login as that adorer in another browser.

For example, if you use Safari when you are logged in as an administrator, you can open up Firefox and login as your Test Adorer.

Or, you can simply open a new private window in your main browser and login as the Test Adorer.

You can also use this technique to experience the difference between an Administrator and Captain with a "Test Captain" adorer. Here's a list of the things Captains can do.

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