How can I get a list of the first and last names of all adorers?

We Adore Him needs only a single name field to display adorer names and with which they can log in.

However, each adorer has a Sort name field, automatically prepopulated to the adorer's last name, which you can customize. This field affects the sort position of adorer names in lists.

Sort Name field

If you need to generate a list of first and last names, you can easily do this with a spreadsheet program. Here's how.

  1. Export your adorer list at Admin » Adorers.

  2. Open the CSV file in a spreadsheet program (e.g., Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Sheets).

  3. Add a new column between Name and Sort Name called First Name.

  4. In this column, use the following formula: =SUBSTITUTE(A2, C2, "")

  5. Finally, rename Sort Name to Last Name.

Now you should have columns containing the full name, first name, and last name of each of your adorers.

Adorer first and last names
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