How can an adorer login who doesn't know their password?

Sometimes adorers forget their passwords. Or, if an admin created their account, the adorer might not know what their password is.

If you imported a list of adorers and didn't include a password for each adorer in the import, then a randomly-generated password was automatically assigned to each imported adorer.

Your welcome email includes a [user:one-time-login-url] token, which generates an adorer-specific one-time login link. When an adorer clicks on this link, they are logged in and can change their password.

Or, adorers can visit the Forgot Password page, where they have several ways of retrieving a password reset code. After they enter the correct code, they are logged in and can change their password.

Forgot Password form

Also, as an administrator, you can find their account at Admin » Adorers, edit their account, and set a temporary password for them. After they log in with the temporary password, they can change their password.

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