How can I require an approval workflow for new adorers?

How can I require an approval workflow for new adorers?

If you would like to vet adorers before granting them access to create adoration commitments and claim substitute requests, or if you notice an increase in spam registrations, you might consider enabling the activation code feature at Admin » Settings » Onboarding.

Activation code setting

After enabling this setting, enter a custom activation code, and save.

Now, the adorer signup form includes an "Activation code" field.

Activation code field on the signup form

If an adorer leaves this field empty and signs up, their account's status is set to "Blocked". (Learn more about blocked adorers.) Admins and captains are notified of this event if they have enabled the "New adorer registration needs approval" admin notification.

After an administrator or captain activates the blocked adorer's account, their status is changed to "Active" and the welcome email is sent to the adorer. Learn more.

With the activation code setting enabled, the Signup URL (just above the setting field) includes the activation code. Share this Signup URL with trusted adorers and the "Activation code" field will auto-populate on the signup form. Share the Signup URL minus the activation code with the general public, such as on your website, on social media, etc.

Anyone who enters the correct activation code during onboarding will bypass administrator approval.

To automatically activate all new adorer registrations, simply leave this setting disabled.

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