Make an Adoration Commitment From Your Dashboard

Greetings, adoration coordinators and fellow We Adore Him super fans!

The Dashboard Just Got Better 🥳

Adorers can now make new adoration commitments directly from their Dashboard!

Make an adoration commitment from the Dashboard

This new widget displays all open hours in the next week, and it defaults to display hours where an adorer is needed. Adorers can click the "Sign Up" buttons to make a new commitment.

As an administrator or a captain, you can also make commitments on behalf of your adorers by visiting their Dashboard page.

We recommend announcing this new feature to your adorers—especially those super helpful folks who reliably fill in for last-minute needs.

The Dashboard page is the new one-stop shop: adorers can view their commitments, make a new commitment, request a substitute, and claim outstanding substitute requests!

Other Updates 🛠️

Thanks to feedback from our keen adoration coordinators, here are some notable additions that were recently added:

  • The password field can be left blank when an administrator or captain manually creates another adorer account, and a password will be automatically generated.

  • The Admin » Substitute Requests page includes future date ranges in the Date Range filter, so you can more easily view how many requests are coming up in the next week, month, tomorrow, etc.

  • When an adorer is invited via phone call to serve as a substitute, and their voicemail takes the call, and we tell them to call back, and before they do somebody else claims the substitute request, and then the adorer calls your dedicated We Adore Him phone number back—we let them know that a substitute is no longer needed. (Whew!)

  • The Admin » Roster page includes a "Language" filter, which can be helpful for captains managing hours with Spanish-speaking adorers.

  • Speaking of the Admin » Roster page, administrators can export their list of adoration commitments and substitutes right from that page.

  • The Admin » Visits page can be filtered to show guest visits by "unknown" visitors. In the Adorer filter, choose "Unknown" to view these visits. You can invite those adorers to make an adoration account on your We Adore Him website. Or, if they already have an account, you can edit the visit and link it to their adorer account.

Until Next Time 👋

Thank you for promoting the important work of Eucharistic Adoration!

If you are happy with We Adore Him, would you please share this helpful resource with one other adoration chapel? 🙏

"The first task of all creation is to adore God, to acknowledge His divinity, His majesty, His greatness. Man has to recognize this and to submit himself to God. Adoration is always our respectful submission in awe, as creatures, and the recognition of the immense majesty of God." — Bishop Athanasius Schneider

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