Adoration Best Practice: Staggered-Start Scheduling

Greetings, adoration coordinators!

Staggered-Start Mode

Want to know of an innovative way to help ensure there is always an adorer present in your chapel?

Consider using the Staggered-Start method. With this approach, adorers sign up on a half-hour staggered schedule. They still commit to staying with Jesus for an hour, but adorers arrive every half hour. This way, if an adorer is running late or has to leave a little early, there is already another adorer present to fill the gap.

We Adore Him supports this way of managing your adoration schedule with our Staggered-Start Mode feature.

Staggered-Start Mode on the Schedule page

Share Your Ideas

Do you have an ingenious strategy for managing adoration? Please let us know so we can share it with other adoration coordinators.

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Thank you for promoting the important work of Eucharistic Adoration!

"O Christ Jesus, really present upon the altar, I cast myself down at Your feet; may all adoration be offered to You in the Sacrament which You left to us on the eve of Your Passion, as the testimony of the excess of Your love!" — Blessed Columba Marmion