Get Notified When the Adoration Check-In Kiosk Is Offline

We Adore Him includes an innovative Adoration Check-In Kiosk for tracking attendance.

The kiosk depends on an internet connection to talk with your We Adore Him website. It queries the website for updates every 30 seconds or so.

However, if the internet connection drops or there's a power outage, your adorers won't be able to check in to their adoration commitment via the kiosk.

We recommend customizing the offline message and placing blank paper check-in sheets by the kiosk as backup solutions for these scenarios.

And—today we added a feature to notify adoration coordinators when the kiosk is offline!

After the kiosk is offline for at least 10 minutes, administrators and captains are notified if the new Kiosk is offline admin notification is enabled on their adorer account.

Enable this admin notification to be notified when the kiosk is offline

We'll send a follow-up notification when we detect that the kiosk is back online.

We hope this little change gives you more peace of mind that your adorers can check in to adoration. Enjoy!